Bonnet Tile Repointing

What is Bonnet Tile Repointing?

Bonnet tile repointing refers to the process of repairing and renewing the pointing (the external part of mortar joints) in the areas where bonnet tiles are installed on a roof. Bonnet tiles are a type of roofing tile designed with a unique shape, often used on the hips and ridges of roofs to provide a neat, finished appearance and to ensure the roof is watertight.

Over time, the mortar used to secure these tiles in place and seal the joints between them can deteriorate due to exposure to the elements, such as rain, wind, and temperature fluctuations. When this happens, it can lead to leaks, drafts, and other roofing issues. Repointing involves removing the old, damaged mortar and replacing it with new mortar to restore the integrity of the roof’s structure, prevent water ingress, and maintain the roof’s aesthetic appeal.

Bonnet tile repointing is an essential maintenance task for roofs featuring this type of tile, ensuring they remain effective in protecting the home from water damage and extending the lifespan of the roof. This process requires a skilled tradesperson familiar with the specific techniques and materials needed to work with bonnet tiles, as improper repointing can lead to further damage or ineffective sealing.

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